An elite martial arts training system

The Tiger-Rock System is built on a single idea: to transform every student in our academy into a Black Belt on and off the mat. Our elite training program is about developing disciplined and courteous individuals that will make a positive impact in the community.

  • Integrated martial arts training that combines taekwondo with other martial arts forms & physical fitness
  • Self-defense training that gives students the tools to protect themselves in an unpredictable world
  • Life skills education that prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow, regardless of age.

An integrated martial arts training system

Our workout is designed to be effective for students of all ages. It includes drills such as kicking, striking, sparring, grappling, hand-eye coordination, and calisthenics.

The Tiger-Rock System is an exclusive martial arts training system that evolved from Korean Taekwondo. Over the past 40 years, we have expanded our taekwondo-based foundation to incorporate other martial art forms such as hapkido, hanmudo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu as well as the latest advances in physical fitness. The result is a unique workout that builds your strength & muscle, improves your flexibility & agility, and enhances your conditioning & endurance.

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Compete, Defend, Advance: the pillars of our martial arts training

Compete, Defend, Advance is at the foundation of everything that a student achieves in our Tiger-Rock academy.

The Tiger-Rock System is a competitive sport, a self-defense training system, and a personal achievement program. All of these elements are combined together to spur every student’s transformation to Black Belt through spirited competition, real-world self-defense training, and regular skills testing.

  • Local and national tournaments
  • Self-defense skill education and events
  • Bimonthly (every other month) examinations

Age-Based Curriculums

We structure our martial arts training curriculum based upon the physical and cognitive-level of different age groups

A great feature of the Tiger-Rock System is its versatility. Our proven method of martial arts training, life skills education, and self-defense training is adaptable for all ages.

  • For younger kids, we focus on motor skills development, balance and coordination, enhancing listening skills, goal setting, teamwork & cooperation, and respect for authority.
  • For older kids, our lessons incorporate real-world self-defense training, advanced life skills education, leadership training, and personal responsibility.
  • Adult students engage in fast-paced, intense drills that are designed to improve flexibility, agility, reaction-times, situational awareness, physical endurance, and mental acuity.

Life Skills Education

We prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow by teaching them the life skills they need to know today.

As an extension of our martial arts training, Tiger-Rock’s life skills education gives students the tools that will be essential to their success on & off the mat. A strong foundation of life skills contributes to the well-being and competency of every person, regardless of age. Some of the skills we instill into our students at Tiger-Rock include:

  • Problem solving & critical thinking
  • Cooperation & teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Self-management & self-discipline
  • Perseverance & self-control

Real World Self-Defense

Learn the things that will protect you and your family in the real world

Some corners of our world can be a dangerous place, and knowing how to react when facing an unexpected threat will make the difference in thwarting an attack. Tiger-Rock’s martial arts training system incorporates real-world self defense, giving you an important edge against bad faith actors.

  • Counter-aggression maneuvers
  • Evasion and escape maneuvers
  • De-escalation tactics

Physical Fitness + Mental Health

Martial arts training is an activity that keeps students of all ages healthy and active

Physical fitness is a major component of the Tiger-Rock System. With regular martial arts training, you can burn calories, improve your strength & conditioning, and, with proper nutrition, lose weight.

In addition to the physical benefits of martial arts, regular training after-school or after work offers enormous mental health benefits, including reduced stress & anxiety, increased self-confidence, and improved self-esteem.

Start your journey to Black Belt

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